Dr. Steve's Guide To Digital Health Coaching

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Steve Feyrer-Melk, Ph.D.

  Chief Science Officer at Nudge

The Story Behind This Course:

Years ago I had a career-defining "ah ha! moment".

I was coaching patients through the lifestyle medicine program I had developed for our practice but it was a constant challenge just trying to keep up.

I realized I was killing myself making calls for extra touchpoints, and trying to schedule enough 1-on-1 time with each patient to keep them on track for lifestyle change.

There was no way I could scale up my lifestyle program to serve more patients.

I wanted to have a bigger impact.

I wanted to serve people better AND live a better lifestyle myself. To practice what I preached while helping more patients live longer, more vibrant lives.

So I set out with a big goal: to learn how to manage lifestyle change 100% remotely - to make it as effective and scalable as possible.

It took years of researching, testing different technologies, and tons of trial and error.

But because of what I've learned, I now have the freedom to speak at conferences all over the US, vacation with my lovely wife and daughters, and still manage a highly effective lifestyle program, from anywhere.

With this unique course you can learn what it took me years to figure out in minutes at a time - without the trial and error.

But please do me this one favor:

If you do take the time to tackle this course, please please please don't stop there. Put my lessons into action, and with your expertise go out and impact as many lives as you possibly can.

It all starts with something you were never taught in any program before... how to build engagement over time with a client you don't communicate with in person.

Engagement your biggest barrier to behavior change in remote coaching. This course will help you get there. And then your experience and health expertise can take over from there.

Good luck!

Dr. Steve

Dr. Steve's Guide To Digital Health Coaching


Overview - Technology and Core Concepts

1.1 - Course outline and presenter information

1.2 - The big picture

1.3 - Current use of technology and wearables

1.4 - What technology can measure

1.5 - Examples of technology

1.6 - How technology helps you

1.7 - Data approach, trends vs. granular

1.8 - Data, the big four

1.9 - Getting the best information


Preferred coaching and client technologies

2.1 - Client app overview, part 1

2.2 - Client app overview, part 2

2.3 - Setup basics

2.4 - Active vs. passive data collection

2.5 - Detailed setup

2.6 - Coaching platform overview

2.7 - Inviting clients

2.8 - Creating groups

2.9 - Smart lists

2.10 - Messaging

2.11 - In-app announcements
2.12 - Custom trackers

2.13 - Navigating client data


Deep Dive - The Client App

3.1 - Top 10 client questions about wearables

3.2 - How clients see their app

3.3 - Inside the mobile app experience

3.4 - Exploring tracking data

3.5 - How to use wearables, part 1

3.6 - How to use wearables, part 2


Deep Dive - The Coaching Platform

4.1 - How to introduce clients to technology

4.2 - Key platform features

4.3 - How to use the Groups tool

4.4 - How to use client data views

4.5 - How to use the Smart Lists tool

4.6 - How to use Group Messaging and Announcements

4.7 - How to use the Reports tool


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